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About the Artist

Jerry Wetzel 0047


Artist statement

“The Earth without art is just “Eh”. Art is an expression and conduit into each of us. As we move through mediums, art transforms the world around us for a moment into an extraordinary freedom found only through those expressions. As each of us journey through these unique expressions, we each transform fragments from within to movements in our mind. As you journey through my galleries, the subject matter I intend to freely offer you a journey from my inspiration of moments and experiences in my life from my photographer to traveling ventures. I will often photograph a moment or event to later immortalize unto canvas, wood, and sometimes concrete mediums. During each project, I often work in different studies of color, forms of art and brush techniques to offer a glimpse into my life and my family in these moments I share with you.


Artist Biography


mad-hatter-me Jerry was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Growing up as a child, an artist mother Janice Elaine Wetzel always had the children as they traveled across the country doing an art project in the travel home. As a youth, we also enjoyed creating arts and crafts for the youth charity auction and Christmas events at our local church.


In Proverbs 1:7 King Solomon boldly captured his strength and weakness believing fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom.  Many pieces of Jerry’s work are fundamentally routed in the discovery of the faith he was raised as a child, and to discover the full strength of that faith through unique mediums on canvas today.  To fear inner strength or weakness is a pivotal beginning point for proprioception and understanding.


In Junior High School, Jerry competed at a national level as developed brass player on the trombone, and place first in state as he sat in first chair for all three years. Jerry continued his art extensions through high school in the Fletcher Senior High Rock Ensemble, a try-out only position, and made first tenor his first year in this small group. This group placed first in all regional competitions. He continues to sing today at the CRC Auditorium on Gate Parkway in Jacksonville.


Jerry is married to his best friend and life companion Virginia. They enjoy many fine arts together, dining, photography and traveling. They spend most of with their leisure time with 2 dogs and 4 cats lounging on an over-sized bean bag, watching movies, and loving God and Life.   img_3138


Jerry continued his education in college with undergraduate degrees from Florida Community College of Jacksonville and the University of Phoenix. Jerry also completed his accredited Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2010, and holds over 150 technical and professional certifications in the Information Technology field of Business.


img_1450 Jerry primarily elects to work with oils and acrylics on canvas. Jerry finished several commissioned pieces, giclees, and custom scene-painted cedar table dividers for his favorite breakfast restaurant in St. Augustine- Leroy’s Cafe 2555 US 1 South. Please take a journey to Leroys for a wonderful southern home cooked meal. Jennifer Wall, one of the owners and sister, is Jerry’s largest collector.


Currently Jerry works as System’s Administrator for the public utility authority of Jacksonville. Jerry is married to the love his life Virginia, and shares their space with 6 life companions- 2 dogs and 4 cats.



“The first time I saw the quote The Earth Without Art is Just Eh, I saw it in graffiti form. I began to think about graffiti, and then recognized it as an expression, not a malicious intent to mane or destroy. Art is everywhere around us. Art is in people’s movements, children’s laughter, the style in which you preform at work every day, formed art as I and other form artists produce, art is in nature and the circle of life, in creation and resurrection of our imagination and even in our memories. In our home every day is a journey as we travel through all the art from a hot air balloon ride, to the fresh breezes and salt air from the ocean scenes, on to a glen, then passing through a mountain ridge smelling the crisp thin air and mountain breezes, to becoming one with nature as the tigers roar and the birds sing songs of creation. As you move through art in any form, always open up to the transformation within. As I paint, these expressions I wish to share with you come from deep within, and are bubbling to get out. My family and I hope this movement within you stirs your imagination and wonder as your mind is transported to a new place.” If we did not have transformations and movement of art in this wonderful and fascinating planet and system we live in, our worlds would just be, just EH!!!


Jerry’s main influences in fine art come from the Masters Salvador Dali, James Coleman, and Pete Tillack. You will often find Jerry and Virginia browsing the James Coleman and Ruebel Galleries in St. Augustine, Florida.

Virginia and Jerry were married in the presence of their best friends Leo and Julie seen below and the Reverend Gee Sprague in 2012 after a long and wonderful courtship. Jerry and Virginia enjoy traveling and fine dining experiences abroad each year. Jerry and Virginia both enjoy photography, and spend much of their free time experiencing nature through photography.

“Lastly I wanted to share this special moment in our life. My wife and I were very blessed to spend our wedding day with the two most wonderful friends anyone could ever hope for. I have often heard we are like the two or three people we are closest too, and if I am anything like our friends Leo and Julie, well I believe we have made the world a better place and the earth is all about the worlds apart and the art within each of us”.